How To Get A Bigger Dick Naturally Using Simple Exercises

I had never really had a big dick while growing up, mine was a bit thick but it wasn’t really that long. At just a little over 5 inches (about 13 centimeters) I was definitely below the average size of about 6.5 inches and I often wondered how to get a bigger dick and if it was even possible at all. Being a relatively large man too, many girls have gotten disappointed sometimes when we landed in bed and I finally pulled my panties off. Usually after much fumbling and kissing and caressing, when it was time to unload the member, I was usually extremely anxious, not knowing if it would be just a simple disappointment, or whether she would laugh at me outright or maybe she would think it is okay, and she could manage it.

The Truth: Women prefer it Bigger

But back then, I unfortunately never met any girl who really liked a below average penis. From my experiences now, I can confirm that it is true that the majority of women love a big member. I am currently over 7 inches long and the girth has even increased enormously. Compared to my younger years, I now pull out the hammer almost with a sneer while watching the woman’s reaction. They all love my big dick now and it is a very rewarding feeling to know that the woman that you are with is truly seeing you as a real man, and that she literally “respects your manhood”. Therefore, any man that is serious about pleasing his lady sexually must want to know how to get a bigger dick, because a bigger tool will get you the respect and admiration that you need from her.

how to get a bigger dickThe truth is that if your penis is shorter than 6 inches, then bro you’ve got a little problem because no matter how much she may even reassure you that your Willie is okay, and “honey, don’t worry”, or the classic “what matters is how you use it”, the fact is that women love big dicks, period. Any man who finds himself below average must be concerned with how to get a bigger dick. Currently, there are methods that are called natural penis enlargement methods. These methods are in contrast to vacuum pumps and penile enlargement pills which can pose severe health risks.

Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Natural penis enlargement involves using physical methods to massage the tissues of the penis and thereby change its physical nature. The understanding behind methods of natural penis enlargement is that since an erection entails the pumping of blood into the penis, a penis can only contain a certain maximum volume of penis enlargement methodsblood. This volume of blood that can fill up the penis, is determined by the space available inside the erectile tissues of the penis. Therefore any method that will create more space in the erectile tissues and make them more spongy, will in effect make the erection harder, thicker and longer because more space has allowed more blood volume to charge up the member.

A few years ago, I was still with my less than average salami, and my self-confidence was at its lowest. I had given up the hope of ever being able to satisfy a real woman. My life was awkward then, but now I know that it was misery that I suffered. Anyway I had always avoided all the penis pump gadgets for fear of ruining my member, and I never believed in enlargement pills but one night, after a disappointing encounter with this woman that I had been wooing for a while, I decided to do something about my condition, damn it what it takes!

How to Get a Bigger Dick? Something that Works!

In my despair, I came across a possible solution that didn’t have all the risks of penis pumps and pills. The name of the website was and the name of the product was The Truth About Penis Method. I was skeptical at first, having been burned a few times on the Internet before with products that never delivered what they promised.

penis enlargement before afterBut when I started going through the material after I purchased it, I started to learn the theory behind natural penis enlargement. I started to learn things that I didn’t know before about my penis and it slowly dawned on me that I have finally discovered how to get a bigger dick. It was from that period that my life started to change, and today, I am a confident young man that enjoys the admiration and love of a couple of lady-friends.

Details of the Method

The truth about penis consists of different exercises that will naturally help you in many ways including increasing the size of your penis and other aspects of healthy sexuality. The details of what you can achieve with the system are as follows:

  • Grow a longer Cock

A longer cock is always appreciated by all women. It boosts your self-confidence and makes her feel you properly when you are pounding away. I personally started to see results after one week.

  • Increase the Thickness

Women don’t feel much deep inside the vagina except for strong thrust movements. But the outer 1/3 of the vagina is full of countless nerve cells and this is where women experience the pleasure of a dick moving in and out. A thicker penis maximizes this pleasure, and if you can increase the thickness of your member, then be sure that you will get her hooked because when women say they love a bigger dick, they most often mean a fatter one with more girth than normal.

  • Last longer in Bed

Lasting longer in bed depends on what you know. When you learn the secrets of delaying ejaculation, while at the same time maximizing your pleasure, you will join the elite group of gentlemen who know how to give it to her for so long until she begs him to stop. Sexual control can definitely be learned, and it will make her to also see you as more of a real man when you can maintain control while pounding her hard for long periods of time.

  • End premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects millions of men worldwide. The Truth About Penis contains methods that will help you to stop releasing your load too early because it’s no use learning how to grow a larger cock if you couldn’t use it.

  • Retain the Growth

Because you are using a natural penis enlargement method, every growth will remain permanent for long. Enlarging your member the natural way ensures not only safety but also that the growth will last long once the member has grown. Just like with body-building, when you stop training your Jonhson from time to time, there will be a gradual reduction anyway. But with just a few minutes every week, you can indefinitely maintain a larger, longer and tougher cock.

  • Become the Lover you always wanted to Be

With a harder, longer and thicker cock, your partner will fall in love with you anew. Human physiology is simply the way it is, women love it bigger, and once you are bigger and can last longer, maintaining good control on the bed, you are then automatically a better lover. That’s how it has always been.

How Natural Dick Enlargement Works

The penis consists of three groups or erectile tissue. There are the two large ones in the larger and upper side of the penis called the Corpora Cavernosa which is also present in the female clitoris and then there is the smaller one in the lower part called the Corpus Spongiosum. An erection occurs when the Corpora Cavernosa fills with blood and the strength of the erection depends on the volume of blood that the Corpora Carvenosa can contain.

The good news is that these erectile tissues can be made to hold more blood, thereby increasing the size of the penis. The Truth about Penis Method works by showing you special techniques that you can use to gradually change the physiology of your penis and to make it hold more blood. Just like fitness or body-building, the tissues of the penis can effectively be changed through exercise to become bigger. These exercise routines are the core components of the Truth About Penis method for a natural penis enlargement to make your dick grow bigger.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises on How to Make Your Dick Bigger

Following are natural exercises that aid in the enlargement of the male penis. Before starting it is important to note a few things. First it is better to get rid of pubic hair when doing these exercises or to keep the hair at a minimum. Secondly you will need some sort of lubrication along the way. Petroleum jelly is okay or any other cream or lotion that is okay with your body. Thirdly, before starting the exercises, it is best to do a warm-up. Just like with aerobics or bodybuilding, the penis also needs a sort of warm-up exercise. To do this, simply dip a towel in hot water, then cover your member with it for about two to three minutes. This will increase blood flow around it and make it more suitable to training.


how to jelqAlso known as milking the cock, Jelqing is a penis training exercise which aims to make it thicker. It can also lengthen it a little but most of its results is in making the male member more rigid and thick. To jelq, apply some lubricant while in a flaccid state or with little erection. Then make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger around the base of your member and slowly pull upwards to the tip, then start again from the base and repeat. Make sure you do not press too hard and if you get a full erection while doing this, then stop. Ten to twenty minutes a day is recommended.


Just like with Jelqing, in twirling you also make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger, but then you hold your dick at the ring around the tip, just below the glans-penis. Then start to turn it in all directions, stretching it a little but not too much. You can stretch to the left, right, up and down. Then twist it clockwise a few times and counter-clockwise a few times also, then start afresh.

PC Muscles for Blood flow and Ejaculatory Control

It is also very important that any man learns to control his PC muscles. The PC muscles are the muscles that you use to try and stop the flow of urine while you are urinating. Any man who can learn to control his PC muscles will also be able to control his ejaculation. Training it also helps to increase blood flow to the penis. It takes time to learn but it can help to stop premature ejaculation or to prolong intercourse for as long as desired.

There are many ways to train the PC muscle, all you need is to locate it first. This you can do by trying to stop yourself from urinating while you are midway through. that muscle you feel is your PC muscle. When you have located the PC muscle, all you have to do is to contract it from time to time. It can be just a few contractions at first, but later on, you can contract and hold for longer periods of time. With constant practice, after a while, you will be able to stop yourself from ejaculating anytime you don’t feel like shooting. This is truly a great feat to master as it endows every man with a great power in the bedroom. The power to last for as long as you wish.

Taking Measurements

penis measurementTaking measurements and keeping records is very important if you want to document your progress. Measurements can be taken in a flaccid or in an erect state, but since what matters is intercourse in an erect state, it makes more sense to measure the dick while erect. To do this, simply give yourself an erection, whichever way possible. When erect, measure the length of your member from the base to the tip and record your measurement. Also record the girth (circumference) and record it. This is best done with a tape measure, and when you write down your measurements, remember to add the day’s date. With time, and assuming you follow directions correctly, you will be amazed at the differences in measurement.

Conclusion – What Next

While these few guides and exercises will help you on along the way to a truly magnificent cock, it is not in any way a substitute for a full blown course on how to get a bigger dick naturally. The natural penis enlargement methods of The Truth About Penis has been around for over a decade, with over 50,000 confirmed men who have achieved success with it. It is therefore a worthwhile investment in order to take your member’s development to the next level. Over 50,000 men cannot be wrong, and in the end after-all, you are the one who stands to benefit the most. There are no more questions like how to get a bigger dick or how to make your dick bigger. So check out the site today, because I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

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